When Charity Recruitment Goes Mad

Every now and then we advertise a role that produces hundreds (literally) of applications.  You get to the point where you’re nervous about checking your emails!  But don’t panic – be prepared, remain focussed, remain organised and all will be OK.

From experience, I would recommend creating a table and logging the applications as they come in. Make a note of their name, the source of the application, whether you have acknowledged receipt with the candidate, a brief note about their background and any additional notes.  When the closing date passes, it is so much easier to refer to your table and identify those candidates whose applications caught your eye when they arrived.

For charities, it is especially important to ensure that everyone is provided with a response.  This gives you the opportunity to thank candidates for their interest, express regret at not being able to shortlist everyone and invite them to support your charity in another way (never miss the opportunity to do this!).

Alternatively, you could ask me to do it for you.  On a recent recruitment project I took over the entire process from managing the advertising, screening over 200 applications,  carrying out first interviews and producing a shortlist for the client.  I have also worked with a client who had carried out their own advertising, been inundated with applications and simply passed them to me to carry out the screening, which I did producing a shortlist for them to interview and a sympathetically written letter for those candidates not invited for interview.