What’s In It For Me?

(Or Why You Should Consider Becoming a Trustee)


Giving up your time and energy, not to mention your experience and expertise, to take on an unpaid role is a big ask, but this is what business teambeing a Trustee is all about.  The rewards are definitely there but are non-financial.

So why do we become Trustees?

Well, it is flattering to be asked.  If a charity feels you have the knowledge and experience to benefit their board, it’s hard not to be flattered.  But that’s not a reason to become a Trustee.

It may be that you have strong feelings about the charity , the value of its services to its beneficiaries and want to play a key part in ensuring the charity’s sustainability?   I believe that it is important for a Trustee to believe in and be committed to the activities of the organisation they become involved with.  You will then have the opportunity to influence and engage on issues that are important to you.

Developing yourself and learning new skills.  Charity trustees will be expected to have input in all areas of running a charity, contributing with your own specific skills set and developing new knowledge in other areas eg finance, employment law, health and safety,  investments, working on organisational strategy.  Good for the soul and the CV.

Being part of something meaningful.  Most of us are wrapped up in our own lives, making a living and running businesses.  Being a Charity trustee brings a feeling of being part of something that is worthwhile and important.  Making a positive contribution and being valued is important to all of us.

Finding out about Trustee roles is easy, here are some useful links:-

Thinking about becoming a Trustee?