An Incentive Experiment

As the cost of recruitment advertising continues to rise without the guarantee of attracting the right (or any) candidates, social media has to provide a potential alternative, but are we making it work for us?


My good friend, Alistair Gleave (Gleave Media) keeps telling me that content is king, and he is right but only if you have the audience, but which comes first?


I decided to carry out an experiment.  I had seen facebook “competitions” asking us to like and share posts with the opportunity to win something at the end of the promotion – holidays, jewellery and campervans!  It appeared that three clicks was all it would take and your potential audience could expand rapidly.  But would they be the right audience. 


I decided to give it a try.  A hudl seemed desirable enough and would cost under half the price of a national advert for one job.  I posted on the Shine page that it was my birthday and I was feeling generous.  Previously, my average post reach had been around 50.  You will see from my screen shot, this post reached over 2000.  In addition,  a vacancy that was being advertised on the page was shared with someone who was not actively seeking a new role and I was able to fill a fundraising vacancy!  Hurray!!

Now I need to create some great content to keep this new audience and keep them engaged and interested (and entertained?).


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