Charity Recruitment Consultants – Value for Money?

Obviously, I would say yes but some charities  feel that the benefits working with charity recruitment consultants do not outweigh the cost.  The value of recruiting a great person for the role is huge, and it is important to put in place some way of measuring the success of the appointment.  The cost of poor recruitment can be devastating and ultimately cost an organisation far more than just money!!

Working with an experienced and professional  Consultant should help you to find that great person and ensure good recruitment practice takes place during the process.

But before you do choose who you’re going to work with ask yourself these questions:-


  • Does your Consultant meet with you to gain a better understanding of your organisation, it’s culture, it’s challenges, it’s opportunities and it’s objectives?
  • Are they happy to provide testimonials and for you to speak to other organisations who have used them?
  • Can they demonstrate they understand your requirements in terms of not only skills and experience, but also attitude and personality?
  • Does your Consultant help you write your job description, advise you on salary packages, write and handle your advertising campaign?
  • Does your Consultant respond to everyone who applies for the job in a professional and polite manner, ensuring that your organisation continues to be viewed in a positive light?  With more and more people considering careers in the charity sector, you could end up with a large number of applications.
  • Does your Consultant carry out first interviews with long-listed candidates and provide a shortlist of suitable candidates, complete with interviewer’s report?
  • Does your Consultant make themselves available to meet with you to discuss your shortlist in detail and help you to plan your own interview/assessment day?
  • Is you Consultant on hand on the assessment day and available to be an  member of the  interview panel or at least to facilitate the day?
  • Does your Consultant handle the job offer and any subsequent negotiations on your behalf?
  • Does your Consultant handle written references requests on your behalf?
  • And does your Consultant keep going, even when the ideal candidate appears impossible to find?


If you can answer yes to all these questions, then you are getting great value for money.  If you aren’t using a Recruitment Consultant then hopefully you will now realise the benefits of finding a Consultant who can provide you with all of the above!!